Digital Business Card Company Mobilo Secures $4.1M in Seed Funding

Set to Revolutionize Business Networking With AI-Powered Solutions and Robust Data Security

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 27, 2023 / Networking just got an upgrade. Mobilo, the maker of the first smart business card for teams and digital business card scene, has raised $4.1 million in seed funding. Thanks to Deepwork Capital, TMT Investments, and some forward-thinking Dutch angel investors, the company is primed to make artificial intelligence (AI) the new best friend of your networking events and meetings, turning casual encounters into lead-generation opportunities.

Digital Business Card
Digital Business Card
The best digital business card for teams and enterprises.

AI-Driven Networking: Goodbye Paper, Hello Pixels

Here’s a crazy stat: 27 million business cards are printed every single day. Mobilo is saying, “Enough is enough.” They’re ushering in the digital age of business cards, and it’s a win-win. Not only are trees breathing a sigh of relief, but businesses are also saving time and money. Sharing your contact details is as simple as tapping your Mobilo digital business card on any modern smartphone.

Pieter Limburg (the founder and CEO), explains: “At Mobilo, we’re all about making life easier through technology. And with the help of AI, Mobilo is determined to transform how you manage contacts, handle follow-ups, and convert those vital meetings into leads.”

Getting Event ROI Right

You’ve probably been there. Measuring the ROI of an event is tough, whether you are visiting, exhibiting, or organizing. Traditional methods that involve sales teams manually entering lead info into CRMs are a headache and often riddled with inaccuracies. Mobilo’s smart digital business cards are here to save the day (and your sanity). They automate the process, storing lead information directly into the CRM with a quick tap, improving data quality and boosting follow-ups and closure rates.

Your Data is Safe With Us

Mobilo isn’t just another tech company; they were the first smart business card provider to bag the SOC 2 certification. That’s a testament to their dedication to top-drawer security standards. They’ve also crafted their own proprietary security layer to take data protection to the next level. With the momentum of the seed funding, Mobilo is primed and ready to continue its journey to reshape the business networking landscape.

Quote from Robert Rees (Rexford Industrial’s Director, Cybersecurity & Technology Operations): “We love how Mobilo has streamlined our user experience with their integrated and secure digital business card solution. On top of that, it aligns with Rexford’s ESG efforts by eliminating paper cards altogether.”

Tailored for Enterprises

Mobilo has a special place in its heart for mid to large-sized businesses and enterprises. Known for its dependability, top-notch security, and slick integration with CRM systems and HR tools, the company’s cutting-edge tech can easily manage vast teams of over 10,000 members, such as big names like Marriott, AAA, and Banco Santander. Their technology ensures digital business cards are created and updated automatically, requiring zero manual intervention.

A Word from the Founder

Mobilo’s CEO and founder, Pieter Limburg, puts it perfectly: “We’re taking care of the mundane tasks like managing new contacts or scheduling follow-ups, so businesses can concentrate on networking effectively and boosting their brand.”

With the rapid pace of digital transformation, Mobilo is ahead of the curve, extending its innovative solutions to virtual events as well. With fresh funding in the bank and an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing networking, Mobilo is all set to become a major game-changer in how businesses network and generate leads.

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