Future Explorer: Unitree Go2 – Quadruped Robot of Embodied AI

HANGZHOU, China, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On 12 July, Unitree unveiled its latest quadruped robot – the Unitree Go2, which features embodied AI technology. This product is expected to revolutionize the consumer-grade quadruped robots industry, leading to a transformation of the sector.

Future Explorer Unitree Go2 - Quadruped Robot of Embodied AI

The starting price for the robot is $1,600 ( tax and freight excluded ).

1. Standard 4D ultra-wide LIDAR upgrades recognition System by 200%.

Go2 features Unitree’s self-developed 4D LIDAR L1 with 360°x90°hemispherical ultra-wide recognition, super small blind spot and a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m, enabling it to recognize different terrains.

2. Embodied Intelligence: AI+robot, Go2 is born with the empowerment of GPT

GPT embraces a large language base, which enables Go2 to fully understand its user’s intention and better comprehend its surroundings. Also, Go2 can make decisions based on information from its sensors.

3. Remote control+long endurance+high-performance motor, hardware upgrades make the robot a new intelligent friend.

To realize more complex actions and smoother movement, Go2 had its motor performance enhanced by 30% with a peak joint torque of 45N.m. Besides, its battery capacity is increased to 8,000-15,000mAh battery. Most importantly, Go2 boasts 4G module, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and stable and various network connections.

4. Gait + posture + offline interaction, software upgrades make the robot understand you better.

Go2 adopts an advanced Operation and Control System to move with stronger balance. In addition, Go2’s voice assistant including offline voice commands has been fully upgraded.

5. Image transformation+force sensor+OTA Upgrades, enjoy limitless fun in the new App.

Go2 provides real-time image transmission and radar altitude map display, which helps users to check the surroundings anytime and anywhere. The app also supports displaying the parameters of each sensor, so as to have a clearer picture of the robot’s operation status. Another advantage is that Go2 can upgrade its own program through OTA service to improve user experience.

6. A combinatory equipment with versatile and high-tech accessories

Go2 is equipped with a servo robotic arm, navigation LIDAR, high computing power module, charging piles and a range of powerful and high-performance accessories to suit different customer needs.

Announcing Unitree Go2 marks another revolution in the field of robotics. In the spirit of innovation, Unitree invites you to explore more possibilities with the robot.

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