GWM Designer Unlocks Secrets Behind ORA EGG Aesthetic of Life

BAODING, China, May 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GWM unveiled multiple highly-anticipated new energy vehicles at the Auto Shanghai 2023. What are the highlights of these models in terms of design? After the press conference, Andrew Dyson, GWM’s VP of Design, talked about the design philosophy and future development of GWM’s next-generation models, taking GWM ORA as an example.

GWM is speeding up the process of its intelligent and new energy transformation, during which it is important to find a way to reflect the brand value of “Go With More” with its design. Andrew Dyson introduced that “Life • Energy”, the design philosophy of present generation of GWM products, injecting the philosophy of “eternal” and strong emotions of life into the automobile industry. It is committed to the pursuit of perfection and natural beauty in design to lift the brand perception.

Based on this, GWM ORA design team has extracted the eternal beauty of structure, the gentle beauty of tranquility, and the glorious beauty of life by using the unique metaphor of the “egg”, leading to the creation of the ORA EGG aesthetic of life.

The design is the first thing consumers notice and connect with. Therefore, finding a way to meet their demands for the design of new energy vehicles should be a top priority. Andrew Dyson revealed that GWM’s secret lies in translating the consumer’s demand for personalization into an innovative design language while remaining consumer experience-focused.

“Egg has a perfect and exquisite structure, along with an immaculate curve in nature. Its convex surface is capable of withstanding a force 120 times its weight. Taking inspiration from the unique egg-shaped curve and the principle of dispersed force on the eggshell, our design team embodies an all-round solid body structure for safety combined with an elegant look. The ORA design team integrates these concepts into the unique design language of models, conveying creativity through the expression of personality,” explained Dyson.

Silhouettes of ORA models are inspired by egg shapes. ORA EGG aesthetic of life makes the pronounced front fenders and round-shaped headlamps work in harmony. The rear of the model drops down in graceful curves. The round shape is also applied to instrument panel, integrated door panels and the comfortable seats. There are many eco-friendly materials. The internal design serves the consumers with a sense of freedom and tranquility.

Dyson said that ORA is committed to creating a calm and relaxing experience and a comfortable space for car owners to relax and unwind.

GWM is a brand with a rich history in car manufacturing and vigorous moves towards new energy transformation. Besides inheriting the essence of previous designs, it continuously innovates the design philosophy with consumer experience as the core. The brand will introduce more diverse design languages in other mass-produced models in the future.

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