Musa Ahmadov, AKA the Dobe Father is Launching a Web3 IP Franchise, the Likes of Which You’ve Never Seen Before

Teaser image from the "Dobermans" NFT Project (left), Headhot of Musa Ahmadov (right)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Entrepreneur and Businessman Musa Ahmadov is launching his latest venture, taking a turn away from the automotive industry with his upcoming project, called “Dobermans” which is set to launch in the coming months. According to Ahmadov, this project is set to be far more than a run-of-the-mill NFT profile picture project, having already undergone over a year in production in efforts to roll out this Web3 project as a multimedia franchise, considering its NFT Doberman figures as more than simply artworks, but characters in future IP Ahmadov and his team will continue to roll out. Proposing the project as a Web3 IP franchise anchored by ultra-high-quality animated content, and propelled by industry-leading creative firepower, Ahmadov has a big vision for his coming project:

“I have loved animations since I was young, and always wanted to create characters. The idea of bringing The Dobermans to life together with a community feels special; what if the next Netflix animation was a co-created feature? What if it was The Dobermans?” – Musa Ahmadov

Fueled by this dream to build Web3 animated content forming a movie with unforgettable characters, stories, and IP that translates across digital and physical realms to create a fully immersive and co-created experience for a new type of audience- this project is defining a new genre of NFT projects. Building an animation and content creation flywheel using a decentralized product stack, with their genesis NFTs at the heart of it all, the Dobermans project is plotting a roadmap that can move fluidly between film, television, graphic novels, and beyond.

In the lore of the story-world, the year is 2068, in a broken city, chaos rules, and tribes jostle for dominance, but there can only be one top dog; The ‘Dobes,’ running the streets, and keeping the city in check as they seek to rule with an iron fist. But no story, or family for that matter, is that simple, and every young upstart has their own vision of how this city should be run. Dober City is a parallel world where all is possible, an animated world built with a Web3 tech stack opening up unique IP opportunities to partners, brands, and the potential for user-generated content and NFTs to play a major role in defining its future.

According to the project’s advisor, Robin Janaway, “User-generated content is a central pillar in Web3, and the project wants to involve the community at every stage of the feature production  – this is more than just an NFT project, it is an experiment in a co-creation.”

The brand plans to launch in the next few months and will launch a discord and several community features over the coming months on a rolling basis. Follow the Dobermans on Twitter @Dobermans_io and Musa Ahmadov on his dedicated project Twitter @DobeFather.

About Musa Ahmadov:
Musa Ahmadov, is the President and Founder of Karabakh Motors L.L.C Karabakh Motors, an elite private car dealership. The company supplies exclusive cars to VIP Clients with all related support, assistance, and platinum-level concierge service.

About Orbis:
Meet the powerhouse animation production team behind the project! With roots in holographic experiences, Orbis, founded in 2017, has completed 400+ projects with over 250 clients, from Cartier to American Express. Headed by Laurent Montrozier, a seasoned animation content producer with a decade of experience across various domains such as TV commercials, video game trailers, animated series, and holograms.

Taking the role of Lead Artist, Eddy Tavus is a CG Supervisor boasting over 15 years of experience working on blockbuster films like The Minions, Sing 1 & 2, and numerous commercials. Specializing in modeling, Eddy’s boundless passion for animation shines through as he brings his expertise to the creation of captivating characters in the Dobermans franchise. Arnaud Janvier, a skilled 3D and 2D animation director, helms the project’s artistic development and animation. He has contributed his wealth of experience from projects such as the animation segment of the documentary on renowned French footballer Paul Pogba for Amazon, as well as animated series like season 4 of Bad Piggies (set in Rovio’s Angry Birds universe), among others. Rounding out the team are 20 talented artists from top French animation schools like RUBIKA, Les Gobelins, and ESMA. Their impressive résumés include participation in projects such as Netflix’s Arcane and collaborations with renowned studios like Macguff, Mathematic, Mikros Image, and MPC.

About Robin Janaway:
Robin Janaway spent 2022 heading up NFTs at Outlier Ventures, the web3 accelerator where he built the digital assets team. He has worked on 20+ web3 projects and has a history in finance and emerging markets having previously spent 5 years as the CEO of a single-family office.

About Maria Sultanova:
Meet Maria Sultanova, with a background in law and extensive experience in managing business development teams for digital media and fintech. She has also made a name for herself in the world of NFTs, having successfully managed and delivered several NFT drops as an advisor and project manager. Maria is the Co-Founder and Operations of Arts DAO, the biggest Web3 community in the Middle East. She recently served as the Head of Operations for Arts DAO FEST, which attracted over 2500 visitors.

About Anna Grigoryeva:
Experienced international manager with expertise in strategic marketing, business planning, and launching effective marketing activities. Co-owner of Any Key Marketing Management in UAE, specializing in recruiting key talent, opportunity spotting, and providing strategic communication advice. Worked with notable brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, FIFA, BMW, Chanel, Dior, and others. Expertise in sales strategies for new product lines and effective monetization.

About Cash Labs:
Helping guide the Dobermans project to market, Cash Labs is a full-stack Web3 innovation agency specializing in conceptualizing and producing cutting-edge 360° Web3 campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands. Cash Labs specializes in Community Building, Premium cross-media content creation, and highly coutoured Web3 PR and sales strategies. Cash Labs has an impressive range of clients, including FarFetch, the NBA, Vogue, and most major marketplaces and metaverse solutions in the Web3 space, including Decentraland, SuperRare, Spatial, Rarible, and others.


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