Tourism in Thailand beats target with 11.15 million visitors

In 2022, Thailand received 11.15 million foreign visitors, an increase from 428,000 the previous year when pandemic-related travel restrictions were in effect. The figures reflect a solid turnaround as Thailand seeks to revive its tourism industry, which was battered by its strict entry and quarantine policies during the pandemic.

Tourism in Thailand beats target with 11.15 million visitorsTwo million foreign tourists visited Thailand in December, compared with 230,497 a year earlier. Pre-pandemic 2019, foreign tourists reached a record high of nearly 40 million. Thailand’s top three source markets last year were Malaysia, India and Singapore.

Thailand expects 25 million international visitors in 2023, including at least five million from China, Thailand’s biggest source market prior to the pandemic. On Tuesday, the government approved a budget of 3.95 billion baht ($120.72 million) to promote domestic tourism and international tourism in secondary cities.